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HPC Services brochure.
Jones Research and Consulting offers contract consulting services in the following areas:

Information Technology & Computer Consulting

  • Website Design, Development and Hosting
  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Software Design and Development (Unix, Linux, Windows)
  • Supercomputing / HPC Consulting and Contracting
  • Grid- and Cloud-Computing Consulting
  • Workload Management / Job Scheduling Consulting
  • Portable Batch System (PBS) Consulting and Contracting
  • Technology Training (Develop and/or Conduct)
  • Product Comparisons and Recommendations
  • Mathemathical, Physics, and Financial Modeling

Business Consulting

  • General Business Advice (Outsider Viewpoint)
  • Using Technology to Improve Your Business
  • Using Technology to Increase Marketing Effectiveness
  • Website Design, Development, and Hosting
  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Document Editing